Wasted hour

Good afternoon everyone. Today is Thursday. I have emailed Holly her powerpoint presentation that she forgot. I took Gavin to the park and played for a while. Following this I made Gavin some rice and eggs which he ate vigorously. He went down for his nap at 12:30pm. All day, my stomach has been mildly upset. Unfortunately the stomach problem was caused by me and my stupidness. Oh well. Now Gavin is down for his nap and I am relaxing a bit while trying to focus enough to get some work done. I am doing a poor job of that. At lease I have conqoured the upset stomach. Yay. Now, you couldn’t tell if I didn’t tell you, but I just spent 1/2 on somethingawful forums. Damn. Keeps my mind off things. Anyway, I hope the rest of the day is a positive one.