‘m in NY now and things are good. I have been pretty relaxed. I am currently at work. In the actual office with the new laptop that they bought for this occasion. I have spent time with my Sue and Alexia on Sunday which was nice. I really enjoyed that. On Saturday when I arrived, Jean picked me up from the airpot and drove me back to Lorenz’s place where we then (along with Shawn) went to breakfast at IHOP. Super good. Saturday afternoon, I napped, and Saturday evening, we went to Lorenz’s to hang out. I had a good Saturday. I stayed at Jean’s place that night. Then Sunday morning Jean and I just sat and caught up a little until it was time to head out around 1 or so. She dropped me off at Sue’s house and that is where I stayed until later that night when my dad got home. I really enjoyed being with my Sue and Kammy and Alexia. It felt so nice to hold Alexia in my arms and on my lap. She is terribly cute. Anyway, Monday morning Sue let me borrow one of their vehicles so I could head over to work. I spent a full 9 hours at work in the office with the people that I have been emailing back and forth vigerously for that past few months. It’s cool being in office. Such a different feeling. Although I can’t say I’m getting any more (or less) work done than I do working at home. Today is Tuesday and I am working a full shift again until 6 when I will go home to a nice family dinner of chicken parm. I think Sue and Rob and Stacy are coming over for dinner as well. I saw my mom also, yesterday, as she picked Kammy up for school. She was very excited and I can’t wait to be able to spend time with her.

I’ve been here almost 4 whole days now. I miss Holly and Gavin terribly. Holly seemed to have a good birthday. She received some gift cards that she was able to take out and spend all by herself. I bought Gavin the “Cars” DVD for Holly’s birthday. I thought it would be nice if he had something to open on Holly’s birthday. He enjoyed that. At least twice that I know of so far. Anyway, I called them last night. I chatted with Holly a biit as she filled me in on her happenings. They had a great cake that Gavin helped decorate. Oh how I miss them.