Update from NY

Well, NY has been pretty good so far despite the sniffles and cough that it has given me. It is scurrently 25Ëš outside. Burr. I found myself lacking in any internet for 2 days as I stayed with my mom. And there is no Starbucks around for miles to get free internet while I suck down a eggnog latte. Sigh. So now I am back in the office at Karatedepot. Later I will be heading to see my grandparents. Time is suddenly getting shorter here. I leave in only a week. I still have to see my grandparents, hang out more with Jean, get to the high school to see one of my old teachers, decorate my dads tree, have a family dinner at my mom’s house, and have dinner and visit with Lorenz’s parents. All while trying not to miss any work time. Which wouldn’t be that difficult if there was any form of internet at my moms house. She has dial-up, but this laptop is so modern (lol) that it doesn’t even have a internal modem. It only has a LAN connection and wireless capabilities. Oh well. The trip has been fun though. I spent Sunday with Shawn in NYC. We went to Times Square and Rockefeller Center to see the ginormous tree and Spongebob. Well, we didn’t really go to see Spongebob, but it was a plus.

On Friday, Lorenz and I went to see the Tenacious D concert. A couple of his friends bought tickets too so after the concert, we hung out with them for a short bit. I took some killer photos of the concert, but they are on my camera which I don’t have the chord to, so I will have to wait to post any. I also have some really crappy video that I probably won’t post. Oh well.

Hopefully either today or Saturday, Jean will be coming up to hang out with me a bit. I really wanted to spend some time with her. On Thursday, my mom is taking half day off so we can do stuffs. Who knows what we’ll be doing.

This trip has gone suprisingly fast. But in a way, I can’t wait to get back. For one, it is not 25Ëš in Hawaii. Second, I miss my son and I miss Holly. Holly has been given the opportunity to go to California for a few days. She has been called back by a library in CA who wants a 3rd, in-person interview. She will be flying out there probably around the second week in January. Or if they are not available then or just want to push it up, she might fly out there in two weeks. Either way she is flying out there. And if she likes it there and they offer good pay and benefits, we just might move there. How exciting and scary.

Well, I have spent enough time at work on my blog. Time to do stuff.