Isn’t Technology Wonderful?

The boys have been back home for two weeks now. I miss having them around. With Gavin having his new iPod though, it’s made it a little easier. We can text each other and send pictures to each other, and when we really want, can do video chat with FaceTime. It’s kind of wonderful. He sends me pictures of lego ships that they built or videos of them playing with the cats. It’s nice to be able to see them when their not here.

To fill the time between texts and FaceTime and iChat, I’ve been working and trying to keep busy. I’m back to the RSCDS dancing, which has been fun. Burn’s Night is coming up soon and we’ve been practicing for that. There’s nothing quite like kilts, bagpipes, scotch, haggis, dancing and socializing.

I haven’t brewed a batch of beer for quite a while. I believe it’s been about 2 months now. Ouch. My next major batch of beer will be brewed the week of February 3rd. I’ve got it all planned out. I’m going to make a Dry Stout and it will be delicious. I’ll finally get to use the gas burner and pot setup that Mary gave me for Christmas. In the mean time, I found out that Mary has been keeping a Mr. Beer kit in her closet for months now. I made her pull it out so we could  dusted it off and brew us some beer. Unfortunately the mix that came in the kit had an expiration date of March, 2009. Considering that they are good for two years after purchase, we decided that it was no good. Luckily we were able to find a replacement mix at Sears of all places. Having a non-expired ingredient kit, we spent some time on Sunday brewing us up a little keg of Mr. Beer. Next week we bottle.

I still haven’t found out if I’ve got a full time job or not. My interview was 2 weeks ago. I’m enjoying working at WCC and am optimistic about getting the job, but I still worry. I’m hoping to find out soon. Until then, I’m kind of on the edge of my seat. Not getting this job would put me right back where I was in November – jobless with no money.

Speaking of work, I’ve been able to ride my own motorcycle to work everyday. It came on the barge a few days after I got back from dropping the boys off on Maui earlier this month. It barely fit in the crate, but all went perfectly smooth. I’m very happy to have it back. Plus, it makes parking at a community college so much easier.

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