Work Is Going Well

My motorcycle has been wonderful. I’ve beeb able to zip around town and to work and back, and save lots of gas doing it. As a reward, I replaced the gross dirty spark plugs with pretty shiny new ones. The bike reacted so well to the new spark plugs, that I decided it was worthy to receive a new title.

Falcon: Millennium Edition

The job has been going really well. My co-workers have accepted me and we joke and laugh at all the faculty who don’t know how to keep their printers plugged in. My ride to work in the mornings is a little slow because I live across from a school. My ride home is even slower. It’s a 3 mile drive. It takes me 15 minutes to get to work, and 25 to get home. But at least it’s a beautiful view as I wait in traffic.

I can’t take pictures while I ride, but here is a view as I leave. It’s pretty much the same the whole way, only without the condos in the way.

A girl cam in to the office the other day exclaiming that her external hard drive had stopped working. It was a back up of her old laptop that had stopped working. She paid UH $100 to back up the laptop after it died, and now her backup has died. Bummer. She asked me if there was anything I could do. Turns out I couldn’t. It was  dead. But I told her that if her original laptop was dead (not the hard drive), she could just remove the hard drive, buy a cheap $15 enclosure for it, and keep using it as an external hard drive. Her face lit up, she was so happy. Then she was so mad at UH for charging her $100 to back it up. Then she was happy again and offered me these gorgeous avocados for my troubles. 🙂

All I have to do now is wait. With any luck (it would be about time too, right?), I’ll get the full-time position and be a slave to “the system”. 🙂 If it results in receiving more free avocados, I can live with that.


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