It’s Summer Time

Summer is setting in. Before shipping the boy off island, we took a beach day. The weekend was beautiful. The sun was out. It was even hot and sunny. So the beach was the place to be. Gavin swam and played with friends while Leif ran around digging and just being himself.

We didn’t stat super long though. We ditched out and went home to continue sunbathing in our back yard. We filled a kiddy pool up for the kids and laid out under the sun drinking cocktails and watching the clouds pass overhead. ‘Twas a great day.

Now the boy is gone. At least for a few weeks. So what shall we do? Well, back to the beach. Just because Gavin isn’t here doesn’t mean I can’t burn myself.

We went for a walk today. Just to get out of the house. On the way we picked up a few lilikois. They seem to be starting to go off. I also stopped on the way back to pick up some bananas. We found a nice bunch.

You know what else summer means? I get to brew summer beer. It means lots of fresh fruit and cold ice cream. Not to mention a new season of many good shows. Summers are so awesome.