Laid Off. Not Fired.

I received an email entitled “Bad News” last Monday. It was from my boss announcing the downward spiral of the company and the need for cutbacks. It explained how he was sorry and that he had to lay me off. What!? So there it is. I have no job and the panic set in.

That Monday was hard. We felt like everything was ending. Holly and I were planting out feet and settling in here. How can we afford this house now. Or the car. Or to stay in Hana? We just didn’t know.
After a few days we started figuring things out a bit. We had more of a plan, though it was an ever changing one. We realized after every hour that passed that more an more we didn’t want to leave Hana. Its just too perfect. And we also realized that this past year living here was the happiest year we’ve ever had together. Things have been really good and blissful. Why would we want to leave that?

So our plan has been set. We are going to stay in Hana. We’ve looked at a few cheaper houses for rent. We’ve come up with plans for dealing with other bills we have. I’m currently on Oahu. I set at fixing up Mary’s bathroom. In between the trips to the hardware store and the hours spent sticking tiles to the floor, I worked up my resume and have plans to send it to about 5 or 6 job openings in the morning. With any luck, I will get a bite or two in the next week or so.

With any luck, tomorrow, Holly will be signing a lease to a place located right in town. It will save us some money and put us in a location that receives cell phone signal. If the lease gets signed, we will be moving in about 1 to 2 weeks. Crazy.

So our lives have changed a little. We have to deal with things in a new way. But this could all lead up to some very good things. For Father’s Day, Holly gave me (oddly enough, she bought it before I got laid off) a book titled, “Brewing Up A Business”. Along with reading this, I’ve looked into programs and classes that are along the same lines as the book. Who knows? Maybe all this will end in the Hana Brewing Co.

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