Moving Time Again

Well. This is going to be a busy week. We’ve found a new place to live and we have 5 days to move in. Tomorrow we start hauling stuff over there. We’ll move as much as we can to get a good start. Thursday we have to go up to town so I can hit the unemployment office and Holly can take care of her phone stuff. We could also do with some things from the store. You know, like bread, flour, milk and eggs. That sort of stuff.

Friday will be another big moving day. Hopefully at this point we’ll be able to move all the last things like couches, beds, dressers, cats, etc. If not, at least we’ll have some of Sunday. You think we’d be able to do it a little faster seeing as how we seem to have experience with this sort of thing.

The weekend will be our finish up and clean up days. The power and cable are all scheduled. We’ll just have the cats left. That will be the last thing. Then we’ll be all moved. And Gavin missed all of it. Lucky kid.