Joining the modern world

Yay! Our old decrepid theatre is finally breaking out of the world of 32K modems and into the world of DSL. I just received a package in the mail from Verizon containing a DSL modem and a DSL instalation kit. Finally. ???? That was strange. I just got a phone call. When I picked up I was chatting with a two year old. Lots of babble about mommy an daddy and another room. There were “Hi’s” and “hello’s” and something about tv. In the background I heard an adult. I think his mom. After a few minutes I heard, “what are you doing? Oh, you’re on the phone”. Scramble scramble. Then she picked up the phone. “Hello?” So I anwered. She told me that her two year old son apparently picked up the phone and dialed some number. I told her that it was ok and her son sounded really cute. How funny. At least he dialed within the state. I think. I should have asked. Oh well. It was funny. Gavin will be that age soon. This kid had a slightly larger vocabulary that Gavin. Not much though. I’m at work by-the-way. The last movie gets out in 15 minutes. Then I get to preview a movie called Valentin. It is a spanish movie. Came out in 2002. I don’t know why we got it now. I hope it is good since I have to watch it. It seemed awfully dirty. I hope there is nothing wrong with it. Either way, it will be easier to enjoy it while sipping Minute Maid Yellow Lite Lemonade. Mmmm. We got rid of our Pink Lemonade for it. And soon we are tossing the Root Beer for Iced Tea. Speaking of which, I must get the list of available types of iced tea. Good night all.