No A/C

Good evening. It’s Thursday night and naturally I’m at work. I am waiting for the Coca-Cola guy to come fix out Coke machine. I must also call the air-conditioning people tomorrow because it is like 85â—‹ in here. So hot. By the way, for any sick o’s out there. When I hoped that the movie yesterday wasn’t dirty, I meant it literally. The movie is 2 years old and the film was all covered in dust and scratches. I needed to run it through a cleaner. Although it still is full of scratches. It was actually a very cute movie. The little 8 year old was such a cute little boy. Very serious and smart. Not a bad movie at all. It is a Spanish movie with English subtitles and is only 1 1/2 hours long. A good story though. A little sad, a little funny, a little emotional and a bit rustic. I think it is based on a true story. Not sure. Anyway, I think I would recommend it. Anyway, I must go. Coke guy will be here shortly. Bye bye.