July 29th 1979

My birthday has passed. It was a fast day. I woke up at around 11am or so. Holly, Mary and Gavin had went out to the store to pick up a few things to make cake with. Mary also went to the chiropractor (I think). Meanwhile I did almost nothing. I turned on my computer to get some work done, and ended up checking my email, editing a few RSCDS things, and drooling over online pictures of the unaffordable guitars that I want. Mmmmm. One day. When the fam arrived, I headed downstairs. Gavin was passed out in his moms arms and went directly upstairs to finish his nap. We lounged for a little bit while eating Brie and Safeway French bread. Not a bad breakfast if you ask me. Then Mary started on the blissful cake. Since she was busy and concentrating so hard, Holly and I thought we would head upstairs and spend some quality birthday time together in our quality birthday suits. He he. It was a good afternoon. This now brings us to about 2:30ish PM. Holly and I eventually moseyed back downstairs. Shortly thereafter, Gavin woke up from his nap and starting immediately being cute. We decided on some filet mignon for dinner with potatoes and salad. While I got a little bit of work done upstairs, Holly brought me a small taste of wonderful icing from the cake. It was going to be awesome. It didn’t take long before dinner was ready. I believe it was around 3:15ish PM. The meal was great. So yummy. Afterwards, I was sung the traditional “Happy Birthday” song while the cake was carried out with seven candles on it. Two on one side, five on the other. Thus 25. Directly after eating the yummy cake, I opened my small pile of presents. First was a little bottle of tequila with an Agave worm in it (actually I opened that one earlier in the day, but didn’t want to go back and edit all this text). Next I opened the present from Gavin. A very beautiful journal with the cover designed after the “Book of Kells”. Next was the present from my Grandma Mc. She sent me a package the previous week, which I held off on opening until “the day”. It’s a good thing I did because my father informed me that it had an auto self destruct mechanism on it if it were to be tampered with prior to the 29th. This gift turned out to be a very soft stuffed Snoopy (very soft) with a lovely card and a box of chocolates. Next opened turned out to be a pedometer. Cool. A good simple gift to help with my running. Lastly I opened the one they told me to open last. I sort of knew what it was, but didn’t know. If that makes any sense. It was a Rio brand sport mp3 player. This I can clip on to my short and use it on my runs. As it turns out, it is also great for being at work alone at 3 am while switching commercials on films and adding and removing trailers. On the downside, I got a few strange looks from people as I was leaving totally forgetting that I should not sing out loud when other people are around. A great gift. Now that the gifts are all opened and it was 4:30 PM, I ran upstairs to prepare to be at work. At the same time downloading songs to my mp3 player to take to work. I was very late to work. I was supposed to be there at 5pm, but due to my excitement over the mp3 player and the fact that I had to stop at Koolau (theatre across the street) to get some change, I didn’t arrive at work (half and hour away at Aikahi) until 5:35PM. From there I preceded to work until 3 AM or so. That was my day. I crashed as soon as I got home and had a good nights sleep. I’m 25 years old. 1/3 of my life down. Maybe less, maybe more.