Gordon Biersch

I had a great night last night. I have been super exciting all week to go to Gordon Biersch. While relaxing all day yesterday, I received about 15 calls from my boss at the theatre. Apparently the person who was supposed to cover the shift that night while the other manager is away on vacation got sick. He was unable to com in to work. So naturally they wanted me to do it. NO WAY. I took an official paid vacation day off so I could celebrate my birthday. Their second option was to call in the manager who was on her 3 week vacation to work. Mind you she is on an unpaid vacation. She was on a neighboring island. I gave instructions to my boss, and made him go over to my theatre and run the shift. Serves him right. Anywho. Now that I had been all wound up over work it was time to drink good beer. So we went to Gordon Biersch. Gordon Biersch has become my favorite beer. Next to Guinness. It is a Brewery/Restaurant. We got there abouts 5:15 PM or so. We knew we wanted beer and their famous garlic fries, but didn’t really know what to eat. After much agonizing, we decided to just get the pupu platter. It came with calamari, chicken wings and BBQ ribs. Then of course we ordered the garlic fries. Gavin ate a small plate of spaghetti with butter. Yummy. Holly was our DD for the night, so Mary and I ordered us some beer. Mary the Marzan and Dunkless for myself, while Holly ordered their home brewed, unlimited refills Root Beer. It was really good. Over the course of the evening I learned a few things. 1 – My new favorite beer is the Gordon Biersch Dunkless. 2 – Banana does not go well in a beer. 3 – Our waiter graduated from North Rockland High School and had an uncle who owned the deli that I ordered from everyday on the way to Rockland Lake. Among the beers I tried was their Seasonal Beer. It was a blend of a fresh brewed lighter beer and bananas. A very odd flavor for a beer. Not one I would recommend. Gavin was wonderful all night of course. He played with the crayons that they gave him and drew all over his placemat, which happened to also be his menu. Oops. Holly seemed to be very happy. She took Gavin around the area to see different shops, statues and boats. I think she really like how I became very loose and casual. Being a little more confident I think. Anywho, It was a really good night and I enjoyed it tremendously. Such a great experience. Plus, I talked to the waiter about my little two person band and told him what kind of music we play and so forth. He told me that if we were to get one more band member, either another guitarist or a bass player, that there was a darn good chance that Gordon Biersch would book us for a gig. How cool would that be. So my night was complete. Some really great beer, super good chicken wings, told that there is a good chance to get a gig, a wonderful night with Holly, Gavin and Mary and a fun night out on the town. I can’t say how much of a good time I had. If anyone who reads this comes to visit me, you can bet your butt that I would bring you to Gordon Biersch. Oh yeah.