Just another Saturday night

Today was a pretty cruise day. Although I think we got a lot done. It was basically chore day. I did two loads of laundry, which included one load of nothing but baby blankets and towels. Something that much needed to get done. We swept, emptied garbages, cleaned kitty litter, took out the garbage, and made blondies. We also talked to the landlord about possibly finding a new place due to the chain smokers down stairs. I just don’t like waking up and having my first breath of the day be of someone else’s cigarette smoke. It’s just no good. I also met said chain smoker for the first time today. Surprisingly, he didn’t smell like smoke. But I still wish he would find himself without enough money for next month’s rent and move out. But his wife/girlfriend just got a job, so I don’t know if my dream of them moving out will come true. At least not next month. Oh well. I’ll keep dreaming anyway. So that was pretty much today. All the time in between those events were spent eating food or sitting on the couch doing nothing. For me anyway. Holly managed to complete two more drawings for her next book. I need to get a move on with the color. I’ve volunteered to do the coloring of the drawings. So I really should find the pen for the wacom tablet. It will be fun to do. Anyway. Not today. To end the night, I played a few games of UNO with Gavin. He is now coloring while I blog and watching Duff make a Boba Fett ship cake. After which I am going to put Gavin to bed. Which is to say, I’m going to lay with Gavin until he falls asleep, and fall asleep in the process. Which is fine with me. I’m tired.

Tomorrow, our to-do list consists of more eating, less cleaning, relaxing, drinking (need to empty some bottles to make room for the batch I’m currently brewing), probably watch a movie, and send Gavin to his friends house for a play date. I think that’s it. There will probably be a few things unplanned thrown in there, but whatever. It’s gonna be a chill day.

Ok. A night cap for me, and I’m out. G’ night.