A day out on Sunday

Today was just another day. Holly went to work. Gavin went to school. I stayed home and worked and watched Leif. The smoker neighbors weren’t home all day. At least the wife wasn’t. She got a job. But now they are home and smoke is blazing up into our house and increasing the redness of my throat. I noticed that my cough is more and more sounding like their coughs. So I have smokers cough and I don’t even smoke. So not cool. Maybe we’ll get lucky and some place will open up soon and we can move. Or maybe we’ll get lucky and the state budget will stay at %10 cuts and we can move to Oahu. Maui is nice and beautiful, but it is far from RSCDS, the opera, Gordon Biersch, beer making supplies, Kin Wah, friends, and more. Plus, we wouldn’t spend so much money on inter-island flight. I’m just a little frustrated right now because I’m getting sick our our smoking neighbors. And I’m a little annoyed that our landlord thinks it is our responsibility to keep the smoke out of our house. And he doesn’t want to tell the smokers to stop. Even though the smokers don’t have any sort of lease or anything. The landlord doesn’t even have their ssn. He just needs their money. But he’s gonna lose us and we pay him twice what they do. Anyway. that is that.

St. Patrick’s day is coming up and I don’t think my latest brew will be ready to drink. But that is ok. I still have previous batches to drink. 🙂 I’ll just have less. lol. Also, we’ll have corned beef. And that is very important.

Holly came home from her meeting in Kahului on Thursday with cinnamon bun ice cream. OMG it is so good. Amazing ice cream. It took all I had to not eat it all in one sitting. It ranks right up there with the Haagen Dazs Mayan chocolate ice cream (which is apparently discontinued). So sad.

Yesterday. We had a day of restlessness and tried to make the best of it. We can’t go anywhere and don’t have any money. So we had an imaginary day. We thought of all the places we would go and things we wanted to do if we could, and did our best to do it. We went to starbucks, the movies, the yarn store, and Gordon Beirsch. Which is to say that we made frozen iced coffee, watched a movie and made popcorn, found out that someone gave us a garbage bag full of yarn, and made Marzën burgers with bbq sauce and drank beer. It was really a good day. And it was made better by the fact that the neighbors weren’t home half the day and the rest of the day was windy so the smoke didn’t bother us. Unlike now. They are smoking for the 3rd time during this post. Grrr. But yesterday was a nice day.