Spring Break

Gavin is away for spring break for two weeks. He’s been gone for almost a week already. Hard to believe. I miss him. Since he’s been gone I’ve bottled my beer, washed dishes a few times, eaten half a batch of bread pudding, had multiple shakes, drank most of a bottle of wine, taken a beautiful walk with Holly and Leif, ridden my motorcycle twice, monitored a inflatable castle full of kids, taken a drive down to seven pools, enjoyed a nice romp on the rug with my mate, started knitting my next knitting project, and cleaned the house. Not bad so far.

I look forward to tasting this batch of beer along side my previous batch. They are both from the same recipe. It’s an irish porter. The difference is that the first batch had more yeast then the second, and both batches were brewed with a different type of hops. Otherwise, they are the same. So I’ll be interested to see the differences.

Holly went to Oahu to drop Gavin off at her mom’s house. I stayed home and was willingly volunteered to watch the jumpy castle for the Hana spring break fair. Apparently I was suckered in to watching the tent because no on else wanted to do it. When the tent arrived, I was introduced to the person who owned the tent and was told to take care of the tent. Things were fine for quite a while. Then I was told there was a hole in one of the columns at the top of the slide. So we closed the slide and the kids (which ranged from 5 to 18) had to limit themselves just to jumping in the jumpy area. One of the teens who earlier offered to help me out sat at the top of the slide to make sure kids weren’t trying to get up and play around. All was good for a while. Then she started having friends up there to chat with her. I told her that there could be only two of them up there at a time. Otherwise, the castle was start to deflate if any kids ended up in a corner of the castle. After a bit of constantly reminding them of the two-at-a-time rule, they decided they would outright tell me “no”. I decided to close the castle at that point since the kids were being disrespectful. They still refused to come down. At this point one of the custodians from the library came over to see what was going on. I told him what was going on. He tried to play all cool with the kids because he wants to be the cool guy. He told me I could take a break and he would watch the tent. So I went and sat under the tent to listen to the band. After about 15 – 20 minutes, I looked back at the castle and the custodian was not to be seen. I looked around the fair and found him chatting up some people he knew no where near the tent. I walked back to the castle to make sure no little kids were getting trampled where I was met by one of the insubordinate kids asked if I was back to watch the tent again. I of course said yes since it is what I was asked to do. Five minutes later the same girl came and said that the custodian told her I could close the castle for good. I went to talk to him to see what was up and he told me that none of the kids were listening and were out of control and we should just deflate the castle. No arguments from me. It made me a bit happy to know that he couldn’t handle it for 15 minutes. So I told all the kids to get out and then pulled the plug. Poof. No more castle. And that was my day. Well most of it. Afterwards, I hopped on my motorcycle and took a ride down to seven pools to relax a bit. It was a nice ride. Very relaxing and of course beautiful.

Today Leif decided he was sick of the house. And frankly so was I. I needed to get out. So we all packed up and went out for a walk up the street. Today was a beautiful day. The sun was out and it was beautifully warm. The walk was good for us.

A few images of my beautiful family: