Sexy Car Wash Photos

So we had a bit of an occasion this weekend. On our trip to town, we stopped at the credit union and made the very last payment for our car. It is ours. All paid off. We were told we can expect the title in about a week. So to celebrate we thought we would give the car a sexy wash and wax. So here you go. Our sexy “the car is paid off” pictures.


Hosing down the motorcycle to get in the mood.


Ooh. Shirt is off. Now we're getting somewhere.


Ahhh. Look at that sexyness. That car is getting a good treatment. Let's see how Holly is doing.


OOoohh. Now that is some sexy car washing. 🙂 Owning your own car is fun. Woot

Yaaaay. We own our car. Aren’t we all happy now?