Laptop Repair Fail

Leif has been a bit of a grump lately, largely due to not feeling so well. At a particularly grumpy moment, Leif emptied his entire juice cup onto the laptop keyboard while watching Thomas the Tank Engine. Then Leif had the nerve to complain because Thomas stopped and the screen went black. I closed, then picked up the laptop and watched a waterfall of juice stream out. Hmmmm.

I spent the remainder of the day taking apart and drying out the inside of the computer. When I finished, I tried to start it up again. No luck. The laptop was not revived. So I tried again. I re-cleaned and re-dried the insides and re-assembled the laptop. Do you think that helped? No. Of course not.

So where does that leave me? Without a laptop of course. It doesn’t look like it’s going to come back to life. Sadly, the laptop is dead.

Lesson of the day? Don’t let your two year old have anything to drink. While watching videos on the laptop of course.