The Gecko in the Backpack

I sat at the street corner at the end of the road waiting for Gavin’s bus to arrive. Lief waited in his stroller pointing out all the trucks that drove by with an enthusiastic “guck”. It’s our weekday routine.
The bus finally arrived and Gavin appeared from around the bus and ran across the street with a smile on his face and his hands held out in front of him. As he drew nearer I noticed that he had something in his hands.
“Dad! Look! See what I found in my back pack?” I did look and saw a gecko spread out across his little fingers.

Gavin explained how he found it and wanted to bring it home as a pet. About how nice it was and was sitting nicely in his hand and let him pet it. Indeed, it was sitting nicely in his hand. Half it’s tail was missing and it was scared. I told Gavin that we had to be nice to it and put it in a place that it would be happy. Like right over there on a little rock surrounded by plants and dirt. Gavin agreed with me and placed the gecko down on the rock and told it to be happy and live a good life. Such a good boy.

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