Leaves and frisbee

I had Gavin for the evening and he was being a bit of a scrooge. He didn’t want to go to Target and buy Christmas decorations. What’s with that? But then again he did spend the previous day getting decorations for Holly’s tree and putting them all up. So he said he wanted to go out and play. And who am I to deny a child to play outside? So we did. And Moura joined us as well. It was quite a delightful afternoon. Then afterwards, of course, I dragged him to Target where he had a blast picking out shiny lights and candy cane ornaments. It was a real nice evening.

sany0003.jpg sany0006.jpg

sany0021.jpg sany0023.jpg sany0026.jpg

Pleas sir, can I have some more?

I think the frisbee is in the tree.

Nope, it’s a cat. lol