Lost at Home Depot

What a day. It’s the day before Mother’s day and we went to Kahului to do some grocery shopping as well as picking up a few Mother’s Day gifts. Gavin and I dropped Holly and Leif off at the fabric store so that the two of us could go find some gifts. We failed to get the specific thing we were looking for, but managed to pick up a little secondary gift along the way. It’s a good thing too. After picking up Holly and doing our Wal Mart run, we ran over to Home Depot to get  a maintenance item for the library. We spit up at the entrance so that I could change the baby’s diaper. Within 30 seconds of splitting up (Gavin with Holly, Leif with me), I lost my wallet. Within 30 seconds of losing my wallet, it was then stolen. So we spent a little longer in Home Depot than we planned. I looked all over the one isle I had been down and found nothing. The customer service person showed no interest in my problem short of taking my name and phone number and wishing me luck. I called my mom for comfort. She did just that and then told me to report all cards stolen and have them canceled and replaced. An hour of dealing with unconcerned employees, we left to finish our shopping. Or at least what we could on a budget that was immediately split in half. Which meant we shopped Costco, hit Krispy Kreme, pumped gas and headed home. Unfortunately I lost my wallet after my banks had all closed. Therefore, I could not just go to the bank and take out money to shop with. I could not buy the two main things I wanted to get Holly for Mother’s day. At least not to give her on Mother’s day. I will certainly pick up these items next week after receiving my new debit card. Now that I’m home and exhausted, I’ve called my CC companies and had my cards canceled as well as my bank card. I’ve had my cocktail to sooth me and made plans to visit dmv to replace my license as well as replacing other such cards as my Gordon Biersch card. We did manage to pick up a bbq ribs dinner for tomorrow. And we do have the little gift for Holly. So it’s not a complete bust. But dang, that sucks.

Oh, yeah. Haha. I mentioned that we hit Krispy Kreme to help soothe the mood. We certainly did. We walked out with 9 donuts and a cup of decaf. And then we tried to drive off with the leftover 6 donuts and Holly’s wallet on the roof of the car. Fortunately there was some crazy guy screaming at us the 3 donuts we did eat soothed us enough to keep us from yelling back at him and driving away. Could you imagine. Arriving at the gas station to find that neither of us had a wallet. OMG. Time to laugh in hysterics. Hahahahahhahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhaha. 


Haahahahha. Wooooooo. Yayayayayaya. Yoing yoing yoing. Zooooooooooo. Bababababab. 


Ok. Better now.

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