Before bed

It’s later than it ought to be. I’m tired and wanted to go to bed an hour ago. Today was a long lonesome day. It was Holly’s long day. Meaning she started work at 10:30 am and finished work at 7:15 pm. My meeting today started at 8 and ended at 10 am. So I didn’t get to spend much time with her this morning. I dropped Gavin off at school this morning at 7:30. After school he went to his friends house. I didn’t pick him up until 7 pm. Other than Holly’s lunch break, I’ve been alone all day. Of course I have Leif though. He was really good today. He was a happy hungry child. I do enjoy him. But I missed my other two peoples. I loves them.

In other notes:

1. Sunday is Mother’s Day. Need to order stuffs.

2. Five more days until I find out if my latest batch of beer is drinkable.

3. Skeezy smoking neighbors just got a new kitten.

4. Skeezy smoking neighbors just acquired a Yamaha 300 keyboard.

5. Tomorrow is one of skeezy smoking neighbors birthday.

6. Tomorrow is May day.

7. It is 75? and breezy out.

8. My “esc” “~” and “tab” keys do not work anymore.

9. I had to look up “tilda character” so I could copy and paste it for #8.

10. Leif had three teeth now.

11. We are almost done with quilt number 2.

12. Sookie is back to her old (young) self again. Minus the girly bits.

13. I think a summer trip is in order.

14. I did 8 loads of laundry last week.

15. About 80% of Leif’s food is solids now.

16. I wish I had more time to knit.

17. I get to color illustrations for Holly’s next book.

18. I have a new sketchbook.

19. We actually got to spend some time in Pa’ia this past weekend.

20. The pizza in Pa’ia was delicious.

21. I’m happy and life is good.

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