Sookie is feeling much better. She is hopping up on lamps, climbing her way to the top of our cupboards, fighting with Moura and playing with her toys. She tries to pull out her stitches, but doesn’t seem to be in pain any more. She is much happier. Too bad for the tom that came prowling last night. I heard fighting on the porch and ran out to see what was what. Moura was protecting Sookie. She puts up a front, but she loves her. She cornered the tom and forced him to freak and jump over Moura to make for the stairs. We have such good kitties. And one that craps in the tub. But what are you gonna do? We love our kitties.

5 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Po might crap in the tub, but she’s the only one who doesn’t run away when we’re trying to close up at night, and she has such fantastic cat nipples. 🙂

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