Morro Bay

Today I took a road trip. I hopped on my bike and headed west to Morro Bay. It was about 3 hours each way according to Google. It was more like 4 hours each way. Maybe 3 1/2. It was a really nice ride. The road in the mountains were very windy. Not like the weather. Like there were turns that were more than 90Ëš turns. But that was the first half of the trip. After that, it straightened out a bit. I got stung twice on the way. The first time, I hit a bee at about 60 mph. It must have been facing away from me, because when it hit my leg, it stung me. Ouch. The second time was about 20 minutes later. Again at about 60mph, something went flying up my right sleeve. I waited a minute to see if I could feel something crawling around (maybe it was just a leaf or something). And nothing moved, so I kept on riding. About 5 minutes later, I straightened my left arm to stretch it a bit and something stung my arm. I pulled off the road and took my jacket off, and there in my arm was a stinger and the innards of a butt. Uhg. I checked my jacket for more leftover bee parts, but found nothing. So I hopped back on my bike and rode away.

A while later, I arrived at a place called Santa Margarita. Very disappointing. It was a tiny town with no gas station or margaritas. 🙁 They had one wine store, but I didn’t buy any wine. Instead I got directions to the nearest gas station 8 miles away.

I arrived at Morro Bay to find a very cute Maind street, and a very busy pier. Loads of seafood restaurants and taffy stores. One place had a constant line of about 25 people all waiting for their fish & chips. If I only ate seafood. Instead I found the local brewery (which was not also a restaurant. Bah), the local library, and a yummy grill where I ordered half a chicken and ribs. MMmmmmm. So good. There were also seals everywhere. I stayed longer than I intended. It was really nice. But I had to leave before it got dark. I didn’t want to drive through those windy mountains in the dark. But it was too late. By the time I got to the mountains, it was pitch black out. But I made it alive. The front of my body and my helmet became a bug graveyard. Eeewwww. And when I pulled up to the local bakersfield gas station, they would not accept my card. This is the second time that my bank put a hold on my card because of suspicious activities. Because I have a bike, I buy gas more than a car, and that triggers the bank to hold my card. Oh well.

Here are a few things I saw on my trip (in order of appearance):

sany0010.jpg sany0014.jpg sany0021.jpg

sany0024.jpg sany0043.jpg sany0044.jpg

sany0046.jpg sany0047.jpg

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  1. I tried to bring back one of the seals, but I didn’t know if they were good eating. Also, it didn’t fit on my motorcycle. Next time, I’ll pick up some fish and chips and mail them to you. 🙂

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