Over the summer, there was talk about me starting up highland dance lessons. Well, it finally happened. There are four people looking for me to teach them highland. I had my first class a week and half ago. It started off a little rusty cause I’m not used to teaching. But it didn’t take long to get into the swing of it. It was a really good class. I felt smart, talented and competent. lol. And for the next week my calves were sore. 🙂

Halloween time:

We went on the Pumpkin Liner a few weeks ago in preparation for the holidays. Once again we drove down to Fillmore to ride a train. What a nice drive that is. We met a friend at IHOP for breakfast before preceding to get our tickets for the train. And while waiting for the train to arrive, why not sit at the candy store at the station to eat candy apples and chocolaty goodness. Mmmmm. The train ride was very nice. All decked out in streamers, screamers ghouls and ghosts. We passed beautiful mountains, pomegranate and orange trees, and a bit of traffic. When we arrived at the pumpkin patch, I realized that they put it right in the middle of an orange grove. Droooooool. When I got hungry or thirsty, I was able to just reach up and pick a nice fresh ripe orange for my eating pleasure. Mmmmm. I can’t believe there weren’t more orange peels lying on the ground. Anyway. Gavin was in heaven too. There was live music, a hay maze, bouncy castle, merry-go-round, and pumpkins lying all around, big and small. We spend about 20 minutes easy in the hay maze. It was quite large. And the dead ends were literally dead, all decorated out with scary monsters and dead people in shackles with mice gnawing on their legs. Fun fun. As it became time to go, we walked around and picked out some pumpkins to take back with us. We picked out two small ones, one for Gavin and one for Po, and one ginormous one for Holly and I. It was great. So great, in fact, that when we found a seat on the train for the ride back to the station, Gavin passed out cold on the table, ready for bed at 3 pm. lol. So cute.

As for Halloween itself? Pretty darn good. Gavin dressed up as Darth Vader, and I a vikingish character, after eating some fingers wrapped in puffy flesh (pigs in a blanket). Then as Holly stayed to hand out candy, Gavin and I ventured out into the dark night to beg for candy from the neighbors. Like they had a choice. lol. I think we staggered around among the other witches, ghouls, ghosts, power rangers, scarecrows, and spider-man’s for about an hour. There were some pretty cool costumes. The complex was mostly a child oriented trick-or-treat area which worked out perfect for us. After a little while, as Gavin’s bucket started to get heavy, he requested that I knock on the doors and say “trick-or-treat”. So why not. I put on his Darth Vader helmet along with my viking hat, turned on the light saber and held out the bucket. “TRICK-OR-TREEEEEAAAT!” hahahahaha. It was fun. Afterwards, we hauled our loot through the sprinklers of doom back to the house where Gavin trick-or-treated his mother. No luck though. She did not give us candy. lol. But no matter. Gavin dumped his loot out on the floor and immediately started finding candy to eat. The kid likes lolly pops a lot. He ate about 3 of them. This is the one night a year Gavin is aloud to eat as much candy as he wants. And he did. Not long after the trickle of trick-or-treaters came to a hault. We overstocked just a wee bit. YAAAAYYYY! hahahaha. Awesome.

pumpkinpatch2.jpg pumpkinpatch3.jpg pumpkinpatch5.jpg

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Halloween @ the Library