My Time with Leif: Day 14

Yay! It’s Friday. I was a little late coming home from work today. I am taking off Monday and Tuesday of next week for the arrival of Gavin and Mary as well as Wednesday in celebration of Mary’s birthday. So everything I had to do for those days, I had to cram into today’s work. Despite that, I decided to make a nice dinner and found a recipe for an awesome orange chicken dinner. If you ask me, it rivals Kin Wah (local chinese restaurant) and maybe even Panda. So yeah, it was good.

Leif and I checked the mail today and we received a box of cat food from Amazon. The cats were happy, but Leif was equally happy and entertained. While I cooked our fine meal, he stomped and popped, very loudly, the packing bubbles. He laughed every time one popped. It kept him entertained for a good 20 minutes.

Leif was happy and ate all his dinner, beans and all. That made me happy. We watched an episode of some cartoon show while we ate. Byt the time we finished dinner, it was already bed time. I did a quick clean up in the kitchen and moved on to our night time routine. It was a quick, but fun day.