My Time with Leif: Day 15

I wasn’t sure exactly what we wanted to do today. Leif, on the other hand, knew exactly what we wanted to do. Or at least what he wanted to do. Go to the pool. First things first though. We hopped on chat with Holly for a little bit, as is our weekend routine. After that though, we had to do a bit of cleaning before going out. Besides, the pool didn’t open until 1 pm. So we spent some time doing major cleaning. Things like emptying and throwing away old rusty file cabinets. I made a nice big pile and Leif and I left for the dump with our bathing suits, sunblock, towels, and garbage. That way, we can go directly to the pool afterwards.

The pool was not at all busy. Maybe that was because the pool was freezing cold. It was overcast and not all that sunny. Yet we still stayed and played for over an hour. The boy does like the pool.

Back at home, I decided that I had no excuse and absolutely must bottle my beer. This involved bringing Leif into the bar with the sign on the front that read, “Absolutely NO ONE under the age of 21 allowed in this establishment.” Oops. We grabbed our bottles  and ran away. Leif was a huge help in the whole beer bottling process. He helped collect bottles, clean them, fill them, and cap them. I hardly did anything at all. This is practically Leif’s batch of beer. 🙂 And I get the benefit of drinking them.

I also mixed up a batch of chocolate ice cream and threw it in the fridge for making on Father’s day. After all that, we still had time to catch a movie. I called up a buddy of mine and rustled us up two free tickets to the 7:30 Madagascar. Sweet. Leif had been asking me to see it all day. We bought our popcorn, candy and soda (I know, I know), and found our seats in the theater. Turns out, it was a funny movie. Not necessarily the best movie, but funny anyway. A little ridiculous. Maybe that is what made it funny. Anyway, we enjoyed ourselves. Leif was exhausted when we got home and did a quick brush teeth, read books, get under blankets, and crash nighttime routine. It was a full day. It was a fun and happy day. I love my boy.