My Time with Leif: Day 17

This was the last full day of Dad and Leif time. We did nothing in particular. Besides driving to the grocery store for a few provisions, we spent most of the time lounging around the house and being together. We played a lot of cars and trains and toy house. We ate ice cream and snack bars and leftover Gordon Biersch pizza and hamburger. We played hide and seek in the bedroom and ghost tag at the playground. It was a decent day.

And thus ends my time with Leif. Or at least my one-on-one time. Tomorrow, Leif and Mary return and we start the rest of our summer adventures. The boys will stay for my birthday hurrah, and then they will have to go back home. Until then, I have a few ideas for what we will do with our time. I’ll be working the rest of the summer, but we’ll have nights and weekends. Sounds like a phone plan.

I had so much fun with Leif these past 17 days. And now it’s over. Now my time with Leif and Gavin begins.





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