The Mighty Mo

Today was my day for bring the boys to see the USS Missouri. We were off to a slow start having lost the car keys, but after finding them wedged between the bed and the wall, we were off. We drove over and met the cousins there.

We arrived in no time. We got our tickets and took a big tour bus over the bridge to Ford Island. After getting on to the ship, we took a quick 30 minute tour of the main deck. After that we were free to roam about the ship. Gavin and Chris stuck together pretty well. Mary wandered on her own a little bit. Leif and I split from the rest and checked out the upper decks, right up to the navigation deck. It was pretty awesome. It was quite an amazing battleship. And I even learned a few things. Like, one of the 16″ rounds from the large cannons weighs as much as a VW beetle. And two of the 16″ cannons weigh as much as a Boeing 747 and can create a crater the size of an olympic swimming pool. Also that the signing of the Instrument of Surrender that marked the end of WWII was held on the USS Missouri. Anyway, it was a great experience and the kids had a good time.



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