New Post

I am adding a newe post because I haven’t posted in a bit. I can’t think of too much to say. I can do more complaining about the theatre… but I won’t. Yesterday, Holly and Mary had class. They left me around 3 or so. Maybe earlier. I don’t quite remember. Anyway, I called up my friend Gabe and ended up at his house. I though we would let our sons play together. So Gavin and Adam (Gabes son) had an interesting afternoon together. Gavin wasn’t sure if he should be scared or not. Adam is 2 months younger than Gavin and loves to hug and kiss. Gavin has never really been a snugly baby. It worked out ok though. Gavin got a little more comfortable with Adam. They watched “Shrek” and played with some strange blinky singing toys. Gavin doesn’t get that at home, so he was naturally interested. They banged on the drums together and ate mac and cheese together. Gavin really wanted to make sure that Dad was around the whole night. I think that Gavin will get used to Adam and vise versa. Eventually (hopefully) Adam will lose interest in hugging and kissing Gavin and just want to play. Overall, I think it was a good night. Gavin needs to start playing with other kids. Besides his crazy cousin Chris. That is a whole other blog. Maybe two or three. After we got home from Gabe’s house, Gavin was a little relieved. Tired though. He sat and watched 2 eposodes of Blues Clues. Then it was time for his bath. He enjoyed his bath for a while before getting out, brushing his teeth and looking at “baby” in the mirror. Then he called for mommy. Of course she was at class so we went in to put clothes on and lay down. He was so good. He layed there as I sang to him (nothing great) and he whimpered for no more than 5 seconds before falling alseep. So good. I had a good day with him. It is so nice to not have to work so much at the theatre. Thank you Holly for going to school.