Open Mic night alone.

Here I am on Monday night at open mic night without any company. I took Gavin out all day to buy a new camera, since our last one broke, despite the fact that he has a cold. Therefore, Holly stayed home with him instead of taking him out and staying out late. I met with a “client” about website updates for her site. She paid me for hours previously put in, the hour for our current meeting and in advance for another 2 hours work. Sweet. There is my new camera. There are only about four other musicians here tonight, so I might get to play twice. After my meeting, I hopped up to the mic for some fun. I coerced the bongo player to play with me for two songs. It was awesome. Maybe I’ll get inducted to the superband yet. Anyway, I busted out my 12-string tonight. I received a lot of oooh’s and aaaah’s. They they were surprised when I told them that it was like 6 or 7 years old. So after I got all set up, I found my heart center and steadied my breathing and them belted out “Champaign Supernova” and “Hey, Jealousy”. I have to admit, they sounded kind of cool.


Ok, I just realized that I have a laptop with a microphone. Let’s see if I can record any of these performances. If they work, I will post some of my live performances. If not, then you can thank the gods.