Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone. Today, Beth, Chris, Reed, Ron and maybe a few
others will be coming over for breakfast, lunch, dinner or whatever.
Gavin woke up this morning excited to see what the Easter Bunny
brought him in his basket. There was lots of chocolate. He also
received the Breakdown Train and Gordon. He was thrilled. Holly’s
basket contained a Chinese Dragon, while mine contained yummy
chocolate bars containing 85% cocoa or Chai flavor or raspberry
truffle filling. MMmmmm. It is almost time for creamed eggs and
little sausages. I hope Gabe and Maita and Angel and Adam come over.
We’ll see. But with all this chocolate and eggs and lamb and what
not, I don’t see how this can be a very bad day. I certainly don’t
want to kill my sister. I hear holidays sometimes make you want to do
that. Oh well. Speaking of which, I think I’ll call mine. Happy
Easter everyone!