Going to NY

I haven’t posted in a while and I don’t know why. I have a bit to post about. I’ll make this brief because I am finishing my packing so I can hop on a plane to NY for my sisters wedding. My family chipped in and bought me a ticket so here I go. Also, I am really excited about “Naked Mike”. We have been practicing more and more often and regular. I think I might be able to coerce the drummer to try to go play live at a bar or something. Also, I have been learning how to play the bagpipes, which is really cool. This past weekend was supposed to be our Highland Festival. Unfortunately it was cancelled due to 42 days straight of rain. And not just any rain. It has been very heavy and full of thunder and lightning, which is unusual for Hawaii. So the entertainment and the vendors moved to Kelly O’Neils pub  in Waikiki. I saw “Molly’s Revenge” who were awesome. There were only 3 of them, but man they can wail. Anyway, having the “Festival” and hearing all the bagpipes, I decided that since we already have a little set, I should be playing them. So I’m learning. Changing subject now, Holly and I have been keeping busy. You know the kind of busy I mean. The kind that results in baby #2. Gavin told us we had to make a baby so…. Anywho. We’re having a good old time over hear. I am still going to VJ’s on Monday nights. This past Monday I did really well. That makes me feel good. I’m excited. By this time tomorrow I’ll be in NY. And by this time the following day, my sister will be married. So exciting. I better run before my flight takes off.