Sex and Yoga

Holly and I checked out our local 24 Hour Fitness. As a result we received a 10 day trial membership. So naturally we took advantage of this and tried out their free Yoga classes. After our first class on Tuesday, we were relaxed and waiting for the soreness to set in. The following day when we thought it would kick in, it didn’t. A little disappointing. But then as we went to bed, I noticed a different kind of soreness. Not a hurting. It wasn’t restricting. It was just a pleasant kind of tension that made me feel good about our first class. So on Thursday we went out to our second class. It was a little more intense than our first class. A different instructor than the first class and a different approach. But it was very enjoyable. Maybe even more so than the first class because I felt more comfortable. We had better mats than the first time, but we should definitely get our own if we continue. So today, I can feel my body parts. There were poses and positions that stretched muscles that I didn’t realize I had. At least not for the past 8 years or so. I’m thinking that I would like to continue with this. I am enjoying it and it is healthy and will give us access to other free classes, a gym and a jacuzzi. So where could we go wrong? Anyway, I am enjoying the exercise and physical activities. Running is good, but it doesn’t strain my upper body or push the limits of the flexibility of my muscles.

As I went through my morning routine of checking email, the news, and updated blogs, I came across an article about how the WB has censored a pilot of a new show called The Bedford Diaries”. The reason for doing so apparently is because the network is afraid of being fined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), who are apparently cracking down on what it considers indecency on television. At the end of the article it commented that the WB is airing the unedited version of the pilot on their website. So I watched it. It is an interesting show containing whose main premise is a sex seminar that requires it’s students to keep a video diary of their past and present sexual behaviors. The items that were censored was a 1 sec clip of two woman kissing, and a 1 second clip of a woman unzipping her pants to masturbate. But later in the show, they show a nude model sitting on a bench only covered by her own body. There are other shows that have blood and violence. There are comedy tv shows that deal with sex and gays. But they are not being all that censored. I find it odd.