Problems? What problems?

Hmmm. Well, I had my first day of my motorcycle safety course. It was pretty good. Time went by fast and the teacher was good. On Saturday, we get to ride at Aloha Stadium (rain or shine). Unfortunately, there was a communication problem and as it turns out, they screwed up and told me the wrong dates. Now I have to squeeze into two other teachers classes to try to finish the course before I leave for NY. Otherwise, I will have to take the last day of classes after I get back from NY. The Jetta is still reaking havock. Grrr. It was pooring out today and in order to get into my car, I must open the trunk (to turn off the alarm), open the rear passanger side door, reach in and around to open the driver side door from the inside, then close the passanger door and the trunk and get in the car. Not a fun event when you are trying to do it in a flooding downpoor. I still haven’t heard back about when that door lock part will arrive. I hope it is quickly. And I haven’t heard about when my real license plate will be here. Grrr. I want to ride my motorcycle more. And my theatre is falling apart. It looks like hell and I don’t know where to begin fixing it. *Sigh*