Life is Good.

I just thought I would post here and mention that my life is not as depressing and pointless as my blog. I went to see “Corpse Bride” with my family on Friday afternoon. Gavin sat through the whole movie and I might even say he enjoyed it. We all sat and ate popcorn, drank diet coke and watched the movie. And what a fine movie it was. Good ole’ Tim Burton. And there was an awesome trailer for “Harry Potter” on it. Also, on Wednesday, I drove Holly to class since Mary was sick. Mary stayed home and watched Gavin. After dropping Holly off at class (which in itself was very nice), I had 2 hours to kill before dance class started so, naturally, I went to Magoos. This is a bar right between UH and dance class and is within walking distance to both. So I parked at dance class and walked there for dinner and a beer. I tried their pizza which was very tasty and over-priced. Real good though. And to go with that pizza I ordered a Killians Irish Red for $4.25. Hmmmmm. Anyway, after finishing the beer, I still had 5 slices of pizza and 1 1/2 hours to kill, so I had another beer. This time I discovered that you can order a Bud Light for $1.00. Awesome. When I finished that beer, I still had 4 slices and an hour left to kill. I knew I couldn’t eat the rest of the pizza, so I got a to-go box and ordered another Bud Light. By the time I walked back to dance class at 6:50pm, I had had 4 beers and 4 slices of pizza. Dance class was very fun. Holly strolled in around 8:00 pm. She was a total hotty. I know what you are thinking, and NO, I didn’t think that because of the beer. When she walked in though, I so fell in love again. It was nice. I do have my motorcycle, though I can’t legally ride it on the street until my license plate comes in the mail. I have been having so much fun with it. I have now completed 3 days of my motorcycle safety course. Two of those were classroom sessions with lots of lecture and 1980’s videos. The 3rd day was 8 hours of riding in a parking lot at 5-15 MPH doing small turns, long turns, sharp turns, breaking, clutch, throttle, balance, weaving, and best of all not having to pee after drinking almost 2 gallons of water because we were sweating so damn much. It was awesome. On Monday night we went to Volcano Joes again for Open-Mic night. One of Holly’s classmates came with his wife. They are really cool and we clicked right away. I brought beer because I knew they were coming and by the end of the night it was decided that next week (tomorrow) he would get up with me and sing “Jack and Diane”. Another of Holly’s classmates is coming tomorrow because she wants to see Matt sing. It is going to be a great night. (At this point I would like to mention that anything that I type past this point is my second time typing it. Blogger timed out my session and I lost half of my post. After “recover post” I only had half of what I typed, so I hope I do not miss anything.) My car has foiled itself. No not soiled, foiled. It has gone so berserk that our keyless entry remote started working again. It has not done this even when we bought the car. So now we don’t have to worry about getting locked out. Although, just for safety measure, I leave the back seat down so we have access to the car from the trunk. Now if only the auto shop would call saying they received the part to fix our door lock. So like I said, Holly and I have been getting to spend more time together. We were getting so caught up with school, work, chores, Gavin, etc that we weren’t getting as much time together as we thought. Last night after getting out of my motorcycle class, I met Holly in town (after her class at UH) and we went to an RSCDS party together. I am sorry that Mary has been under the weather a bit, but it was really nice to hang out and have a beer and chit chat with friends all night. Hmm what else. Oh, “cookie Tuesdays”. Holly has been filling the house with the awesome aroma of melted chocolate and cookie dough cooking. Last week she made the most perfect fudge. Mmmm soooooo good. You should be sooo jealous. On the topic of cookies and fudge, I have been running more. Since I started to keep track of my weight and what I have been shoveling into my mouth, I have lost 10 lbs. That’s not to say that I am on a diet, but I just want to live healthy. I hope that one day I will have the time and $$ to join a gym and have a more routine workout. I have goals for myself and it happens that being healthy is one of them. I feel really good. I am happy. Things seem to be looking up for me/us. Life is good.