Nice day for a walk.

3 days and counting. Off to NY soon. Wierd. I still have to pack. I went and picked up some little gifts to bring back. Mary picked me up a few little liquor bottles. You know, the little sample size ones. That way I can be sure to relax on the plane. He he.

The lock was fixed on the Jetta today. I brought it in to get it fixed this morning. Since I didn’t have a car, I decided for some reason, that it would be a good idea to walk to Waikiki. I started on Ward Ave. So that makes it, lets see…… 3 miles. Oh yes and it was raining like crazy. So why did I think this was a good idea? Beats me. But it was a good walk. Ate lunch at “Teddy’s Bigger Burgers”. It was yummy. Then I caught the bus back to Ala Moana Center, and walked another 1 mile back to the auto shop. From there I headed to Waipahu and picked up the license plate and registration for my motorcycle. Sweet. Now I can ride without being paranoid about being pulled over by a cop. I think tomorrow I will ride to work. Hopefully on Sunday, I will be able to take the last day of my motorcycle safety course. Otherwise, I will have to wait until I get back from NY. Oh well. Then I can ride Holly around on the bike. Oh it will be so much fun. Coolness. Anyway. Off to do more work.