You’ll Love My Wiener

Ahhhh. Holly was struggling to decide what to spend her modeling money on. She really wanted to buy herself some shoes or clothes that she recently saw that she really wanted. Or should she spend it on something to make the holidays nice. Something christmasy perhaps. All that struggling over it and what does she buy?

She bought me this t-shirt. Although the one she bought was brown. She also bought me a shirt with a skull on it that reads “Midnight Diablo”. They were not expensive shirts. But nice. Thank you Holly.

So it’s been raining like crazy here. *remember the walk to Waikiki?* Today was no different. Rain. I really wanted to ride my motorcycle to work. Fortunately for me it stopped raining about an hour before I had to leave for work and I took my chances. And I was right. It was a beautiful ride. Blue sky even. Now to see what the ride home brings. I shoved a bunch of stuff into a backpack to bring to work. Including $100 in quarters. I almost felt like I was carrying another passenger. Which is cool because I am a little worried about how different it will be carrying another person. The backpack made me feel better. I can’t wait until I can ride Holly around. Tomorrow I am going to Aloha Stadium to see if I can get into the class. It would be the last class for me where I would be tested. If I can’t get into the class then I have to wait until I get back from NY. I hope I can get in tomorrow. That way when I get back from NY, I can immediately ride Holly all over the place. And that would be so sexy. Especially after being apart for two weeks. Oh yeah.

So my mom called me today. Was checking to see how things are going before the flight. My dad will be picking me up from the airport on Tuesday morning. On Thursday (the day of the wedding), I will be riding up to Lake George with my mom. I look forward to that drive. I’ll get to spend 3 hours with her talking about stuff. We haven’t really done that in a while. In talking to her, I got the feeling that she feels like she is being left out. While I’m there, I want to make her feel loved and wanted. I think on Columbus Day we will do something together. She has that whole day off, which is unusual for her. Apparently, much of my family will be at this wedding. My dad’s brother is flying in from Texas. My mom’s brother and sisters will be there. All my grandparents. Other friends of the family that I normally don’t see too often. Of course my parents and my sister. Oh yeah, and my brother. He he. So there will be quite a few people that I haven’t seen in a while. Should be interesting. I hope there is a bar around.

Yesterday, my KarateDepot boss called me to check up on an ad that I was doing for them. I was not home, but he talked to Holly for a bit. He freaked her out. He failed to mention who he was and then proceeded to ask if she was the soon to be famous ad model (Holly was the model for the ad I did). She finally figured out who it was. They were chatting and he asked her if he could have her permission to corrupt me while I was in NY. Without thinking and not really meaning it in the way it sounds, she said, “Well if someone doesn’t, Mike will end up spending too much time with his mom.” His reply was, “Daaaaaaaamn”. He he. Anyway. So my boss is going to corrupt me while I’m visiting. Which sort of scares me, ’cause I can see him and my other boss liquoring me up and hauling me off to a strip club. That might be a little weird. First off, I’m not much of a strip club kind of guy. Second of all, with my bosses? Hmmmm. In college one year, after putting Holly on a plane to Hawaii, before I headed back up to NY, my roommates tried to “cheer” me up by trying to get me to go to “Cheetas”, the local strip club. Florida had many. They thought I was crazy for not wanting to go. Although my roommates in college were all crazy, I don’t regret having any of them. After all, everyone should have a college roommate experience. Its one of those things.

So that is my post for today. Long, but you’ll manage. I know you will.