Well, here I am in NY. Holly, Gavin, and Mary drop…

Well, here I am in NY. Holly, Gavin, and Mary dropped me off at the airport after a stressful morning of Holly packing for me, Mary trying to do homework, me re-working an entire ad because the old one was rejected (Holly’s boobs were too big), and Gavin running around trying not to let any of us do what we need to do. None-the-less, we all got done what we needed and headed to the airport in plenty (ha ha) of time. Anyway, lots of hugs and kisses at the airport were exchanged. We explained to Gavin that daddy was going on a plane; going away for two weeks. “Bye dad”, he said. We weren’t sure if he really understood, but he seemed ok with it.

The plane ride was pretty good. I took with me my backpack filled with tiny liquor bottles, “The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide” and my iPod. What else could I need. Oh yeah, some candy. A few hours and a horrible meals later I was in NY getting picked up by my dads friend Jerry. Now Jerry is a funny guy. My dad is even funnier. Later that day I figured out the story of why my dad could not pick me up like he was supposed to. He asked for the day off from work so he could pick me up. But one day prior, he was called up from work and told that they had fired someone and that he had to come in to work because they had no other teacher. So naturally, my dad did what any person would do. He asked the guy who got fired to come pick me up. It’s not like he had to be to work or anything. Ha ha ha. And Jerry agreed. How funny.

So far so good in NY. Within the first few hours of being here, I saw my grandmother, Shane and my mom. A little later I saw my brother as he stopped in to take a look at the boat. Even later (2 pm), I saw my dad, who I picked up from work because I had his car. The evening was spent with my dad, Rob, Sue, and Shane lounging around having silly discussion and watching some TV. I was very tired. I went to sleep around 10 ish.

Now here I am, it’s 7:45 am, getting ready for the day. I will visit Lorenz’s parents, bring some papers and pictures to my Aunt as I visit her, head to Garnerville to visit my Karatedepot bosses and later head to my moms house. Oh yeah, and I have to pick up my dad at 2:30 pm.

As for the rest of the remaining time here, I have to call Jean and get together with her. I am going to Pasta Night on Tuesday with my mom and sister. I am being taken out for “dinner” on Monday by my Karatedepot bosses. Of course tomorrow I am heading up to Lake George for the wedding. From what I understand, this will take up Thursday, Friday and half of Saturday. After all that, I don’t particularly have plans. The rest is all by ear. But I’ll post every once in a while and fill you in. Whoever “you” is. Later.