Some Kind Of Monster

If you haven’t heard of it, there is a movie that came out July 6th called “Some Kind Of Monster”. It is a limited release documentary about Metallica. It was first released in only California and NY. Now it is playing in 36 states across the country. Hawaii is not one of them. Being that I work at a movie theatre, I took it upon myself to find the correct emails and phone numbers needed to bring this movie to Hawaii so I can watch it. First I emailed our company film booker. He told me that we can’t get the movie until the films distributor sets a Hawaii release date. So I went to the IFC Films (film distributor for the movie) website. I found just a general email address that I sent an email to. They gave me the phone number for their film booker. Very cool. But I could not get a hold of him. No matter when I called, no answer. I left a few messages on his machine, but he did not call me back. Instead I received an email from a different person from IFC Films. I guess someone got my message. Anyway, I chatted with him a little and gave him some information about my theatre. He informed me that his is currently working with our company to get a Hawaii release date for “Some Kind of Monster”. He said that when he finalized a date, he would call me and let me know. This was on Tuesday. He also told me that if I did not hear from him by Friday (today) to call him the following week. If they did not finalize a date by the time I called him, he said, him and I would pick one. How cool is that. I am the reason that this movie is going to play in Hawaii. I am so excited. Not only do I get to watch “Some Kind Of Monster” over and over and over and over again, I am responsible for it. Not to mention that it might even come to my theatre and not one of our other theatres. I am so excited. This alone has made it worth working here. By the way, I have not heard from him yet. I am going to call him Monday morning and find out what is up. Hopefully they settled on a date. We will see. Either way, when the movie gets here, I am going to get my picture taken under the marquee at the theatre and send it to Metallica with a letter…. What do you mean I’m obsessed?