It’s time for change

I spent the day today with my son, Gavin. Holly and Mary went off to their orientation for school today. So Gavin and I hung around the house and enjoyed each others company. I was really fun spending a large block of time with him. It is not something I get to do often. But that is going to change. Holly received her schedule of classes at orientation. Classes start this Monday the 23rd. She has classes Monday afternoon, Tuesday night and Thursday night. So I get those nights with Gavin, not work. I’m excited about it, although the other manager at the theatre will not be. This means she will have to work the dreadful Thursday night shift. It is inventory night, payroll night, and also the night we set up everything for the new movie on Friday. This includes building a movie (or two), breaking down a movie (or two), changing the lens on the projectors, changing posters, and changing any old commercials or previews. It is a long night. Sometimes getting out at 4am. She doesn’t like it. So my schedule will almost completely change. I don’t mind. I might have to give up Wednesday night dancing though. It is going to be a busy semester for all of us. At the same time Holly is in school, so will Mary be. Mary has classes on different days than Holly, except Thursdays. They are the same. I don’t know quite how it will all work out, but I look forward to all the results. Holly and Mary will have their degree, and I will get to spend plenty of time with my boy. Hooray.