A few things

Well, it’s been about a week I think since I posted last. Holly has started her classes and I’ve been spending lots of time with Gavin. Yesteday, Holly and her mom had class in the evening and didn’t get back until 8:30 pm. I put Gavin to bed for the first time without his mom present. He didn’t like it much. He called out “mom” when it was time for bed, and when I told him mommy wansn’t home, he started crying. He eventually cried himself to sleep. It was a good day.
Sal IM’ed me yesterday afternoon. I decided to turn on my webcam and show him Gavin and to my surprise, he has an iSight. So we did some conferencing for a while. His cam has a microphone so I actually got to hear his voice too. It was way cool. We are going to do this more often. Gavin thought it was cool. He laughed at Sal a few times. I have to get a microphone so he can here Gavin.
I must go. Time to close the theatre. I am at Koolau tonight. Til next time…