Here I am again

So things have been crazy. Our iMac decided to act up in the middle of Holly’s homework. First the time would reset, then programs acted up, then classic wouldn’t start. So I ran a few tests, fiddled with a few settings and whuala. Nothing happened. So I did what any normal person would do. I reinstalled OS X. That didn’t help a thing. You think it would, but no. All I got was a blue screen with the time on it. So I restarted the computer in OS 9 and that worked. So as a last resort, we transferred all useful information to my computer upstairs via air, and reinstalled OS X again, this time formatting the hard drive. Now all is good. The computer works wondrously. I have transferred back about 90% of the files. Now we just need to reinstall photoshop. We can compute again. Poor Holly was freaking out a little because she had homework to print out and hand in that day. On top of that, she cannot log on to the school library site to do part of her homework because of some loan nonsense. Anyway. Gavin had another good day. Although, he spent a lot of time throwing things and hearing “No, don’t throw”. He was good though. He went with me on an emergency call across the street to the theatre where he watched in amazement as the film projectors spun and turned. Ooooooo. Then we went down to the lobby where he played in the game room and enjoyed an unlimited supply of popcorn. Oh he liked that. I received another “So What!” magazine today and will spend some time at work looking at it. It is a photo edition. Yay. I have been really tired recently. It is because of my late hours. Sometimes I even get headaches from it. At the same time, I do things like stay at Gabe’s house until midnight, when I know I have to get up and watch Gavin at 7am. I’ll deal with it. I am also a little stressed for time these days. I have the theatre work almost every night. Then during the weekdays, I work for 4 hours or so, and then I have RSCDS board meetings and what not. Plus I am updating the RSCDS website constantly because we have some events coming up that need lots of planning. Oh and I also created a flyer for them to be sent out to CA, Japan, TX, and some other states to other RSCDS branches. Tomorrow, I am going to yet another meeting to discuss this years RSCDS tee shirts and in the evening, going to a meeting at the theatre to discuss some issues and training crap for the captains, AKA “Fake cheap labor projectionists who are expected to run the theatre for $7 and hour”. In the mean time, I would like to spend a few hours with my family. Holly going to school allows me to spend more time with Gavin, which is great. But then I don’t get to see Holly as much, and it cuts in to my KarateDepot time. On the plus side, I have a date with Holly tomorrow. Mary is going to watch Gavin in the afternoon, so Holly and I can go to the MOVIES. We are going to watch “Hero”. It is nice spending time with her. With all that said. My life is good. I am busy, I have a great little family, I am in Hawaii, I get free movies and half off food, own a G5 and a VW Jetta, and have rent which is 1/2 to 1/4 of what most people pay in Hawaii. What more can a guy ask for? Chocolaaaattteeeeee (drool)