Stupid Month

This month is stupid. Just full of stupidness. I think it started when I slightly dented our car on a tree. That in itself was stupid. Then I had to do the whole insurance thing and make appointments to get the car fixed and all that. Stupid.

small dent

This led of course to getting a rental car. I was thinking like, “Oooh, I can get a cool Mustang or a Charger.” No! I get this.

Ok. Fine. It’s more practical. Wait. No it’s not. It only gets 16 mpg. What the hell?  Even the Mustang and Charger get better gas milage than that (19 mpg for mustang and 18 mpg for the Charger). Crap. Oh well. Gavin likes it anyway because it has automatic side doors. Ooooh.

So now that the car badness is all out of the way…. Ummm no. What do I do next? I take the rented minivan and back out of the driveway. Doesn’t sound bad right? Well, it is. Because right as I was backing out, the wind blew our gate (a metal cattle gate for the cattle we don’t have) closed. Not all the way mind you. Just enough for me to ram it straight back into the post that holds it on. The gate nearly folded in half. 🙁

It was slightly funny only because there were no scratches on the car. But not funny, because now our gate doesn’t close. I’ll have to figure out if I can fix it enough to still be useful. Otherwise, I guess we’re buying a new one.

Ok. Yes. So now done with car stupidness. Sigh. No. Not yet. As she was leaving for work two days ago, Holly sideswiped the wood post that usually latches the now useless gate closed. There is now a 5 inch scrape by the rear passenger side wheel well.

Still not done. Yesterday morning when Holly was getting ready to go to work, she noticed that one of the back tires was completely flat. Dang. This sucks. I looked in the car manual to see if there was a spare tire and there was. In the stupidest place ever. You have to take some special tool out of the back storage compartment and stick it in a hole in the center of the car and turn it to drop the spare tire out from under the center of the car. Whaaaaat?

How stupid is that. Anyway, it took me a bit, but I finally figured the whole thing out and was able to change the tire. Needless to say, Holly was late for work.

Other than having days where we were in bad moods or the kids driving us crazy or work related crazyness, I think that about completes our stupidness. Good times right?