The Not So Stupid Stuff

There are lots of awesome little things that I just don’t post because I forget them before I sit down to blog again. Or because I just don’t have time. Or just because I think their too small to have a whole post for.

For instance, last weekend I took Gavin and Leif to the Taro Festival. There is always a tent that is full of different plants for sale including Tarot. In that tent is a booth that helps make aware of loose animals that get out of their designated areas and get into the water supply and all that junk. They had a little display of a large field with  hills and fences and streams with little cows and goats and pigs all over. Some in their designated spots, some in the wrong areas. They also had a little fishing pole type stick with a magnet on the end. The idea was to use the magnetic stick to pick up the magnetic animal that escaped and put tem into a little circle surrounded by little stones at the base of the hill.

Well, Gavin happened by this booth and thought it would be fun to try. It did look game like. So the lady at the booth explained to Gavin what he had to do. He happily followed through and cracked jokes about the pigs climbing fences and all that. When he was done, he received a sticker and a temporary tattoo as a reward. He was very excited.

I later explained to Gavin that the little circle with stones around it was an Imu. An imu of course is a hole in the ground filled with piping hot stones that you put your banana leaf-wrapped food (usually pig) in and cook it. Gavin was horrified. I killed all those poor cows and pigs! The poor kid had no idea he was transporting those poor creatures to their death. And the thought it was so fun at the time.

It’s things like that and these other things that bring balance to all the Stupid things that happen. I’ve included a small view of all the good, silly, stupid-in-a-good-way, and other random stuffs that makes me happy.

I found a Magnetic Jesus on the mother-in-law’s refrigerator with awesome interchangeable clothes and accessories. I spent probably 30 minutes playing with it instead of getting ready to go like I was supposed to be.

While watching watching Leif in the bedroom, I was viciously attacked by a Viking. Fortunately I had an App for that on my phone.

Being able to visit beautiful waterfalls whenever we feel the need.

Giving beer bottles a loving bath so they can be filled with delicious home-brewed beer.

Four varieties of hop rhizomes are wrapped in burlap waiting to be planted. (Two have been planted. Two await their burial.)

Spending an evening making delicious dough so you can wake up in the morning and have gorgeous sticky buns for breakfast.

An eight year old boy who is learning how to knit.

We have a cat who has been clinically diagnosed as fat. She doesn’t seem to mind. Although she has taken to sleeping on her back with her feet in the air. It must be more comfortable this way.

Often finding the boy sleeping in various positions. This time he was being spied on by two cats who must have been offended that he stole all the blankets.