The Start of Another Week

It’s Monday and the beginning of another week. With a screaming infink waking me up, I was not wanting to get out of bed. But here I am, an hour later, typing away in front of the computer. Maybe it will be a good day after all. Leif is on his third bowl of cottage cheese, watching a bit of Pingu before we make  him get some real clothes on.

Thinking ahead a bit, I’m realizing it’s going to be a full day. I, of course, have work to do, which will keep me quite busy, but I’m in a good mood and thinking I might throw in a little guitar playing throughout the day to keep me sane as Leif demands that I help him do whatever it is he is doing at the time. I’m thinking many cries of help will come from the longing to get up to the top of the new bunk beds. Hmmm. A two and a half year old on the top bunk with hard cement floors below. I think I’ll keep a close eye on him.

Later in the day, we’ll be going for a walk down to pick Gavin up from the bus stop. Always a pleasant break in the day. Leif likes the outing. We’re in the last week of school here, so we only have to walk down 4 more times. Then summer break is upon us.  The boys will be home idle for a whole week before we ship Gavin off to granny’s for the summer.

On top of that, I think today will be beer making day. I have the ingredients to make Holly a delicious tasting 90 calorie lite beer. A vast improvement over the 55 calorie Bud Lite she’s used to. Sure it has 40 more calories, but hey, when you realize that the amount of calories is directly related to the amount of barley, which is directly related to alcohol content and, most importantly, the flavor, I think you’ll agree that those 40 calories are worth it.

To end the day, we’ll be enjoying a lovely Chicken Tikka Masala for dinner and a bowl of chocolate ice cream for desert. We’ll let the kids romp around and play with Bey Blades and maybe a computer game if their good. I’ll be able to sit on the couch a bit and, once again, marvel over a perfect glass of Dry Stout. I just can’t believe how perfectly it came out.

So there you have it. Today should be a good, full, busy and fun day.