Summer Time

I can’t help to think about where I’m at. A year ago, if you had asked me what I’d be doing in a year, I think I would have missed the mark. Zenny is 2 month old now. Poor thing had to have 6 shots on her previous doctors visit. Three in each leg. She still has fur on her ears. She’s amazingly cute and makes the most adorable noises. She is starting to get curious. We can put her down on her little gym and she rotates around while looking at all the colorful dangling plush toys. She’s growing up so fast. A whole 13 pounds now. One of her outfits reads, “Daddy always makes me smile”. She lets me know that is not always true, but she does smile at us quite a lot. Pretty soon she’ll be rolling over and laughing too. I love my little girl.


In other news, Gavin is out of school and on his way to 5th grade. Leif will be starting kindergarden. In the mean time, it’s summer. Summer in Hawaii. We are going to get us an inflatable pool to stick kids in on hot days, visit the town pool, hit the water park, lounge at the beach, drink margaritas, grill meat, and do all kinds of other summery things.

Also this summer Mary and I have birthdays. We haven’t made solid plans for Mary’s birthday, but I, of course, plan on having a Gordon Biersch dinner with my family. That’s all the celebration I need.


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