Bad blogger

I’m getting pretty bad at this whole blogging thing. I start a post, then never finish it. I think from now on, I’ll just do short posts. Something more Facebook style. Only not on Facebook.

Dancing started back up today.

Summer Time

I can’t help to think about where I’m at. A year ago, if you had asked me what I’d be doing in a year, I think I would have missed the mark. Zenny is 2 month old now. Poor thing had to have 6 shots on her previous doctors visit. Three in each leg. She still has fur on her ears. She’s amazingly cute and makes the most adorable noises. She is starting to get curious. We can put her down on her little gym and she rotates around while looking at all the colorful dangling plush toys. She’s growing up so fast. A whole 13 pounds now. One of her outfits reads, “Daddy always makes me smile”. She lets me know that is not always true, but she does smile at us quite a lot. Pretty soon she’ll be rolling over and laughing too. I love my little girl.


In other news, Gavin is out of school and on his way to 5th grade. Leif will be starting kindergarden. In the mean time, it’s summer. Summer in Hawaii. We are going to get us an inflatable pool to stick kids in on hot days, visit the town pool, hit the water park, lounge at the beach, drink margaritas, grill meat, and do all kinds of other summery things.

Also this summer Mary and I have birthdays. We haven’t made solid plans for Mary’s birthday, but I, of course, plan on having a Gordon Biersch dinner with my family. That’s all the celebration I need.


More Zenny

Jungle Gym Out Shopping Zenny Lounging Sleeping Zenny She just melts Sleeping Zenny


This Is What You Get

Here I am. May 7th already. The past month seemed like it involved so much waiting. And yet, now it seems like it went so fast. So yeah here I am. It’s May 5th. But I said that already. More for me than for you though.
I went over on Maui for two days, attending a 7 Habits seminar for work. Back at home, I’ve left Holly, Mary, and the three kids. We’ve added one. Welcome Zenny. She is 7 weeks old already. The last month seemed so long. She came a whole 6 days late. Holly’s dad was here visiting for the birth and we were afraid he might miss it. But, little did we know, Zenny was holding off for St. Patrick’s day. Born 9:35 am, 8 lbs 4 oz. The birth was a totally different experience than the other two. It was just as incredibly amazing though. Full of all kinds of cliche emotions. It was wonderful.

Now she’s suddenly 7 weeks old. She’s just starting to figure out that if she’s awake, there are other things to do besides cry and poop. She’s being all kinds of cute. Still pooping though. We’ll work on that.

Unknown-3 Unknown Unknown-1 Unknown-2


Leif decided that he was tired of his hair being all up in his face all the time. He wanted to go get a hair cut. Holly took him over to the mall to a professional hair and ear cutting place. I can’t believe how boyish he looks now. It’s crazy.

428400_10151543809763930_2111092362_n Unknown-4


What about beer you ask? Well, I’ve been slowed down by all this other life stuff, but I have been making beer. Since the beer I brewed last July, I’ve managed to whip up a Blueberry Stout, Bourbon Scotch Ale, Light American Ale, and a Dunkelweizen. It’s not nearly as much as I’d like to have brewed in 9  months, but I seemed to have been a bit busy and a lot broke. Oh well. I’ll be picking up the pace soon.

Hefeweizen Bourbon Scotch Ale Bourbon Scotch Ale Blueberry Stout


In other events, the Highland Festival was a success. Leif beat the crap out of a creative anachronism guy. Easter found us at Gunstock Ranch where we came away with 12 out of 3000 eggs and $9. Not bad. We joined the cousins at the water park for another one of Teddy’s birthdays. We came away with season passes for Gavin, Leif and myself. Sweet. For the first time, I was so distracted that I turned my bike off, and yet managed to leave the key in the ignition in the on position. I totally fried my battery and had to order a new one. I’ve been nominated and selected to be the Windward CC Community College Leadership Champion. I wasn’t sure what to think about this at first, but it seems like a good opportunity for me to become a bigger part of the college. Also, I get to fly inter-island every month, have a 2 day retreat on Kauai, and attend the League Conference in Anaheim, CA. Sounds like a good thing to be selected for.

I’m sure there are lots of little things that I missed here. It’s been way too long after all and so much can and has happened. But these are the few things on my mind tonight and so that is what you get.