The Beer Diet

The new year has rung in and with the holidays over, I hopped on the scale to see the damage. Holy crap! The holidays cost me 10 lbs. I  hit the weight I said I wouldn’t go over again. Dang. Well. Here we go. Time to take a couple of before pictures. I must say,  my future self is in much better shape.

Holly caught me mocking the Captain Morgan commercials

And to start off Leif’s year, he broke his brand new Leapster 2 that he got for Christmas. That was fast. Now the game I ordered for him on Amazon is useless. No more nice things for Leif. Or any of us really. At least not of the electronic kind. We can now add his Leapster to the list of electronics he has ruined.

On the  plus side, it feels good being back in control of what I shove in to my mouth. I’ve signed up to a fabulous site called Lovely name. Holly and I have friended each other on their site. Anyway, it’s just your basic don’t eat more calories than your body can burn diet. So each day I keep track of what I eat. And the way I measure my success or failure in a day is whether I have enough calories at the end of the day to guiltlessly drink a bottle from my private collection of home brewed beer. So far, I’ve been successful. I’ve even lost 2 pounds already. Thumbs up for the beer diet.

P.S. As I have received a $50 gift certificate to the beer store (thank you Gavin), I am going to be brewing up a batch of Vanilla-Coffee Porter to help me get through my beer diet.

P.P.S. Compare above photos to me back in 2009 when I was still in shape.

August 2009

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  1. SERIOUSLY??? Just picture me say that, I know you can. SERIOUSLY? Have a milk shake and a couple of brownies or something!!!

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