A Visit to an Otolaryngologist

Well. Leif went to an otolaryngologist today. What is an otolaryngologist you ask? It is an ears, eyes and nose specialist. Why is Leif going to see an otolaryngologist?


Leif has had a stinky runny nose for quite a while now. Quite a while being around 7 months? We took him to the health center here and they said it was probably an infection and gave us some antibiotics. With much relief, his nose stopped smelling as well as running. It was amazing. Just after Christmas, it started running and stinking again. This is why we made an appointment with the otolaryngologist.

So 7 or so months ago, Leif did something annoying and got a sugar packet stuck up his nose. We could see it there and it was gross. He ran around the whole day with it stuck up there. And all day we tried, to no avail, to remove it from his nose. Sometime after dinner, Leif laughed at something, sneezed, and shot a large sugar packet out of his nose. We laughed so hard, as only a parent can think that is really funny.

I received a call from Holly just after the appointment had ended. It didn’t take long, she said. The doctor sprayed some numbing agent up Leif’s nose, squirmed a pair of tweezer type things up Leifs nose, and pulled out yet more, large-sized, brown, deteriorating sugar packet. Leif was not very happy and cried of course, but I expect he will sleep much better at night now.

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