The Start of Summer

After a conversation with my dad about all the cool things we have here in Hawaii, and even on our property, I was inspired to go cut down a bunch of bananas that we have seen just up the road. Unfortunately, we weren’t the only ones keeping our eye on that bunch. That’s ok though. With all the changes around the property, we were inspired to roam around and see exactly what kind of yummy goodies we have on property and where they are. We found a pretty good size banana grove a ways back. There were banana trees everywhere along with an unfinished house. It’s like they didn’t want to take anymore trips to Home Depot and just stopped building. On the outside, it was an unpainted cabin with a shingled roof. On the inside it was all frame. It looked pretty new too. Such a shame. It would have been cool to live in a house completely surrounded by banana trees.

We found a few trees that had bunches that were ready to be cut. So I pulled out the mormon lady knife and with a few swipes had me two large bunches of bananas and two banana trees ready to re-grow. Just had to rinse them, hang them to dry, and put them in a bucket for a day and we have large quantities of ripe bananas. I think we’ll be making banana bread in the near future.

Banana Bunch

But since the bananas weren’t quite ready yet, I made cinnamon raisin bread instead. And because I was in the baking mood, I also made cookie-topped brownies. They both came out awesome. I like to bake.

Cinnamon raisin bread

Meanwhile, the rest of the weekend was spent just relaxing and having a good time. We spend a bit with some friends chatting and letting the kids run amuck. We had some beautiful weather so we also spent some time on the porch with drinks and bubbles. Even the cats were enjoying the fun. Overall it was a nice weekend. I think we even went to the beach. Yeah. We went to the beach. Gavin’s friend came along with us too. I guess this is the start of summer. Sweet.



Relaxing on the porch